About MTS

MTS is committed to do excellent work and to deliver outstanding service.

Back in 1985 Myers Tractor Service (MTS) began with one backhoe and a farm tractor plowing fields for growers in Nassau County Florida. MTS incorporated in 1989 and was officially open for business. The business has been growing steadily and today the company’s scope extends to the building industry, land developers, local mills and homeowners, just to mention a few.  Currently MTS employs well over 55 highly dedicated individuals and operates 23+ tractors trailers and numerous heavy equipment.

MTS has long been recognized as the premier trucking/trailer service in Nassau County, Florida. This is a quality driven corporation and as such takes pride in meeting and exceeding all its client’s expectations. MTS offers various transportation/trailer as well as heavy equipment solutions.

MTS will go the extra mile whether it is the detailed screening and training of its workforce or the safety of the workplace and the equipment. They always adhere to the industry standards. MTS realizes that customer needs constantly change.  Being able to adhere to these changes is a sign of experience and their willingness to provide superior customer service.  This is an attribute to the success of MTS.

John E. Myers

Meet John E. Myers

John E. Myers moved to Fernandina Beach when he was 7 years old. He graduated from Fernandina Beach High School and then began his service with the US Air Force. His first business adventure was with the local family grocery store in 1970. In 1982 he got into the shrimping industry. Next he began the tractor business. When he decided to focus on this business it began to flourish. He sold the other companies and Myers Tractor Service (MTS) was officially open.

With the housing growth in the area the need for a professional tree service became necessary not only for land clearing needs but also for homeowners. John E. Myers Tree Service started and incorporated in 1996. Today it provides various residential and commercial services.

Mr. Myers is well known and respected in the local business community. MTS provides many services to local not-for-profit organizations.

All of Mr. Myers companies are independently run and are ever changing under his direct supervision and capable leadership.